CNet Technology Inc. has focused on networking design and marketing since 1987, offering WAN, LAN, xDSL networking devices, and integrated Wireless LAN and Bluetooth solutions for fulfilling diverse internet access network needs. The CNet brand promises, innovation, motivation, integrity, and quality assurance to every user, not only for small-office and home-office user, but also for fulfilling every conceivable network demand and large scale network providers.

We have devoted our expertise to keeping pace with the rapid development of technology in all aspects of our lives in the communication world and providing up-to-date improvements for most network solutions.
With a profound knowledge and understanding of the benefits of networking products and the added value of wireless internet network capability and deployment, our commitment from the late '80s to this day, has been to development in the field of

Fast Ethernet & Gigabit Ethernet Switches and NICs

ADSL Modem & Broadband Routers
Wireless LAN Routers & Access Point devices,
Wireless LAN client sites with USB, CardBus, PCI, and mini-PCI interfaces,
Bluetooth networking peripherals with USB interface
Wireless LAN infrastructure under IEEE 802.11n, 802.16, and so on

CNet has established global distribution services through our 140 partners and 3 major branches in the U.S, Germany, and Russia. We were accredited by the International Standard Organization (ISO) and received the ISO 9001 certification in 1994. From 2006, we will implement the RoHS policy and the WEEE strategy to provide our users with the best products possible without negative effect on the environment. To meet future networking trends and demands, we will continue to be committed to development and design in large scale networking technologies and to produce products of the finest quality, thereby maintaining our tradition of providing superior service to our partners, distributors, and users worldwide.

Sincerely yours,Simon Chang
Chairman and CEO


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